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Vidzeme Regional Concert Hall "Cēsis"

The modern concert hall riddled with themes of nature has inherited memories of bygone cultural events in Cēsis.

The brown brick walls of the Concert Hall "Cēsis" are like the trunks of trees, the glass constructions above them — like tree crowns, and the yellow sunscreens — their foliage.

The building is seamlessly integrated in the nearby square and alley, alluding to the presence of nature in this abode of art.

The building itself brings added value to each cultural event, becoming a part of each artwork and performance offered to the audiences. The sounds of organ pipes, orchestra instruments and singer voices gently rebound off the walls before reaching the ears of the audience. The visitor experiences are stored deep within the memory of the building.

The spacious premises accommodate a concert hall for an audience of 800, organ hall, small hall, rooms for cinema and theatre plays, art gallery, and rooms for discussing and reviving the experiences.

The concert hall programme includes events for art connoisseurs of various tastes and states of mind: classical music, jazz, organ music and pop music concerts, theatre plays, poetry and music nights, and exhibitions.

The modern concert hall is located where the former Culture Centre once stood. The Culture Centre was built in 1914, and the new concert hall preserves several of its interior elements. Therefore, it can be said that the modern building has inherited memories of past cultural life of Cēsis.

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