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Dauda waterfall
Behind the river Dauda, around 0.4 km downstream from Sigulda – Nurmiži road.
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Mound Taurētāju
The intersection of the deep ravine of River Vikmeste and the right side of old valley wall of River Gauja is a placed reached by wooden stairs.
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Černausku secular oak
On the roadside of the road JInčukalns – Stīveri.
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Mound Rata
Highest point in the primeval valley wall of Gauja (93 m above sea level).
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Ezernieku karst sinkholes
One of the largest karst sinkhole systems in Latvia.
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Vējupītes Ravine
Suitable for travellers who are not afraid of climbing up several long and steep wooden stairs on the steep slopes.
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River Vējupīte
Left tributary of the River Gauja.
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Waterfalls of river Vējupīte
Located in the ravine of river Vējupīte, between the Riga – Valga railway line and Nurmiži road.
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Spring Saltavots
Saltavots is flowing out of the steep slope of the ravine of river Lorupe, and it is deemed among the most productive springs in Latvia.
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