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Medieval and historical touch throughout the whole tour


► Having a restful walk in Vienkoči Park – a place where nature of the national park harmonizes with the woodcraft skills and artistry

► Cēsis city tour – experiencing its architecture as a medieval piece of art

► Visiting Cēsis Medieval Castle, getting to know interesting historical facts as well as walking upwards the tower in the light of candle lanterns

► Peasants feast in Cēsis Medieval Castel – delicious meal which is served in a medieval manner and supplemented with music, dances and entertaining games

► Excursion within a charm of a wooden architecture, art gallery and close sense of history in Ungurmuiža manor

► Light snacks – tea and homemade pancakes in Ungurmuiža


Price and availability: upon request

Excursion type: 1-day tour without accommodation

Transportation type: bus

Suitable time for travel: all seasons

Travel type: group from 10 persons

Difficulty level: easy


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