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Restaurant "Agnese"

Restaurant "Agnese" reveals a certain girl’s journey in her beautiful memories where you can try and slowly enjoy the best meals from various cuisines!

The restaurant tells of the travels of the restaurant owner’s daughter Agnese. Memories brought back from each destination have become an integral part of the elegant restaurant creating its cosy atmosphere.

These include interesting photos, unusual souvenirs, paper money, and special recipes from abroad. Exploring the legends and myths of various countries of the world, Agnese has brought back the most interesting objects reflecting the cultural values and authenticity of these countries.

While waiting for your meal, you can examine unusual souvenirs from Iceland, Slovakia, Spain, Egypt, Greece and many other countries. Enjoying food in restaurant "Agnese" is like reading an adventure-filled book which seems to never end!

The tasty meals and drinks will help you to become fully immersed in the travel stories. The skilled chefs have created a vast menu which gives you a unique opportunity to enjoy classic meals and less known foods from the traditional cuisines of various lands that will not leave you unimpressed!

Here you will be convinced that the restaurant just like people has its own course of life and story which makes it what it is. Before turning the last page of the book and travel further, memorise what you have seen to pick up where you left of the next time you visit "Agnese" restaurant and experience new adventures!

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