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Ungurmuiža restaurant

The restaurant accommodated in the unique Baroque manor serves excellent dishes made from seasonal local products.

Veal, vegetables, dairy products, fish, and eggs from local enterprises and farms. Berries and wild mushrooms picked in nearby forests. Fresh, qualitative products are turned by highly skilled chefs of Ungurmuiža into tasty dishes, considering centuries-old and modern recipes.

During summers, tables are served in the former school building, where the restaurant is located, or on the open-air terrace with a view to the green park with large oaks and linden-trees.

Subject to prior announcement, a special tea ceremony is organised in the tea house in summer. Authentic rooms, small glass windows and tables with crocheted, white tablecloths will create an ancient feeling. The aroma coming from the tea made of linden-tree blossoms, picked from the trees in the park, will enchant you, while the cake, served by the restaurant chefs, will melt on your tongue.

Together with the chefs we can make a menu for various festive events, serving tables either in the restaurant, manor house, tea house, or even in the manor park.



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