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Valmiermuiža's beer kitchen

The story of Valmiermuiža beer kitchen is about the treasures given by Latvian land during different seasons. They are proud to bring stunning flavour combinations from local farmers, hunters and fishermen to the table. Deep roots in the nature and brave creativity – that’s what Valmiermuiža family believes is the flavour of Latvian nature.

Both adults and kids are welcome to enjoy the flavours of the season here, enjoying a meal over several courses or savouring snacks accompanying beer. On weekend mornings the kitchen serves brunch, letting families and friends to experience slow and delicious holiday morning.

The Beer Kitchen is the best place to enjoy a glass of beer because it’s alongside the brewery. Here also each dish is paired with a carefully selected beer letting you experience the magical moment when a flavour meets another flavour.

Behind the wall of the restaurant hides the beer shop. Here you will find a full range of flavours brewed at Valmiermuiža, tasty treats and handcrafts by Latvian artists. This is a wonderful chance to acquire some local Latvian gifts for your loved ones at home. 
“Valmiermuižas alus” is a small manor brewery where beer is brewed slowly and deliberately.  Valmiermuiža family has undertaken the task to nurture a culture of enjoying beer, so that beer enjoys a place of honour on the festive table just as it dis in olden days.

Read more and book a table here www.valmiermuiza.lv



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