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Photography competition "Discover me! - 2019"

The Vapramäe-Vellavere-Vitipalu Foundation invites Latvian wildlife interested photographers to participate in the photography competition “Discover Me!”, organised by Estonia! Professionals and amateurs as well as young photographers are all welcome to participate in the competition. The photographs must be taken in Estonia or Latvia.
It is possible to participate in three different age groups:
A – Children up to 11 years old
B – Young people aged 12-16
C – 17 years and older


The aim of the photography competition “Discover Me!” is to discover, photograph and thus
introduce the nature’s smaller living or nonliving things or other interesting phenomena, whether
they are insects, birds, animals, plants, mushrooms, berries, leaves, weather phenomena, or
something totally unusual. Special things can also be found in the landscape. The key is that
what you are photographing requires a special discovery or a special story.
Deadline for submitting photos - 01.10.2019
The main prize is 320 EUR. 
There will be special prizes from ENTER GAUJA for best pictures taken in Gauja National Park! 

More info HERE

The photo contest is supported by: The LEADER Programme, Vapramäe-Vellavere-Vitipalu

Download PDF HERE for full information about the competition. 

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