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Amata Municipality

The treasure of Amata municipality is its nature trails, which lead to the scenic cliffs and extraordinary rocks, and along the curvy banks of rivers Gauja and Amata.

Amata municipality is located in the beautiful Vidzeme Region. There are smaller and bigger rivers flowing through the municipality, including river Gauja and river Amata, which features the most rapids a river has in Latvia. Amata flows all through the municipality, which is where it got its name from.

The greater part of the area of the municipality is covered by massive forests, agricultural lands, and meadows. There are various ravines and hillocks, as well as several nature trails established in the surroundings. Many of the walking trails lead to the picturesque river banks, revealing the ancient sandstone outcrops.

Nature trails

In Amata municipality one will find the wild Geological trail along Amata. It is a signposted trail leading across wild areas, where hikers will have to overcome natural obstacles like more or less steeper slopes, river tributaries, and fallen trees and branches.

The trail along Amata presents a rich flora and fauna. While heading along the curvy trail, one will see million-year-old sandstone and dolomite outcrops and cliffs, which make the banks of the river very scenic.

Another inspiring place for walking is the Kārļamuiža Landscape Park trail, which is a continuation of the Geological trail. Kārļamuiža’ landscape park trail is of free layout, and it is established within an old nature park. There are many bushes and trees in the vicinity of the trail.

While in Ieriķi, which is in-between of Līgatne and Cēsis, one can head to the Ieriķi mills' nature trail. The trail offers a views of the peaceful steep slopes and seven waterfalls of the river Meldrupe as well as the old Ieriķi mills' wall and the facilitated surroundings.

Nearby is the Cecīļu nature trail leading along the banks of rivers Kumada and Dančupīte. A guide will tell you the legends of Cecīļu Rock, and show you the fossils of armoured fish, and the ball-shaped and travertine rocks.

Cliffs and sandstone outcrops

Amata municipality is the place where one of the largest rocks in Latvia – Ainavu (Landscape) Rock – is found. The outcrops of Ainavu Rock are not permanent. They change as the years go by due to landslides and slumping, and new springs that flow over it.

Other impressive cliffs are seen on the banks of Amata. One of these is the Dolomite Cliff. The cliff is seen both from the bank, and from the Amata trail on top of the cliff. The cliff is located on the right bank of the river.

Hiking along the right bank of river Amata, you will see the impressive Incēnu Cliff. It has a distinct steep bank, out of which very clear springs are flowing. When looking at the cliff from a distance it seems like it is split into two parts. The effect is caused by the river, which flows to the cliff in two curves.

Amata municipality also features the mighty Lustūzis – a low rock with many cracks and niches on its walls. Lustūzis features not only a specific wall surface configuration, but it also is of extraordinary shape. It encloses a curve of the river Amata like a big horse-shoe.

Heading further along the banks of river Amata you will also discover the beauty of Zvārtes Rock and Dzilnas Rock. There are mysterious legends about the Zvārtes Rock. In ancient times witches had come to the rock and dance here. Dzilnas Rock, however, is known for to the bright layers of reddish clay and various sandstones. The rock features a high slope with a spring, which turns into an extraordinary frozen waterfall during winters.

And the Miglas Rock has freed the fantasies of locals. The watercourse at the feet of it and the longitudinal continuation of the rock disappearing in the thick forest made locals spot the image of a snake in it.

Entertainment and leisure

To enjoy the picturesque landscapes and treasures on the banks of river Amata, you can opt for a peaceful accommodation at the guest house „Melturi“, the ancient Kārļamuiža manor, or any other hotel.

Guest house „Melturi” offers guest rooms, and a nice garden featuring figures of animals from the Jurassic Period. These will be especially loved by the youngest travellers. Inside of the guest house there are paintings of the Latvian-American artist Aivars Zandbergs.

Romantic evenings can be organised in the hotel „Kārļamuiža”, located in the primeval valley of river Amata. It is an exclusive hotel enclosed by an apple orchard. The stone and brick walls of the ancient buildings from the 18th century are decorated by vines.

During winter the nearby active sports centres „Žagarkalns” and „Ozolkalns”, offer downhill skiing and snowboarding. In summer you can rent canoes here.


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