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Kokmuiža manor

Kokmuiža manor, which is where once a brewery was accommodated, now offers excursions around the manor buildings and park, and you can also see the spherical sundial.

Until now the eldest source mentioning the name of Kokmuiža are the land revision remarks by Swedish dating back to 1601. According to the document a manor has already been here before 1582, and most probably also before 1560.

In 1880, the Baltic-German Family Schroder commenced the construction of the present Neo-baroque manor-house. At present the dome, like during the time of Family Schroeder, features a clock.

Between early 20th century up to 1930 the manor-house was destroyed. But in 1937 the manor was turned into a school; and pupils are still having classes in the manor-house.

Beer was brewed in Kokmuiža already since 17th century. Later, in the 19th century, beer was brewed for industrial purposes. The local spring water was used for brewery, and it is said this is why the beer was especially tasty.

The manor brewery became the largest rural brewery in former Vidzeme province, and later – also in the whole Russia. For example, in 1898 it manufactured 270 200 buckets (3323190 litres) of beer. The brewery was run until the Second World War.

Once the Kokmuiža park was an exquisite example of gardening made in the English style. It hosted major park parties, where the guests were invited to listen to lecturer, orchestra performances, theatre performances, and a there was ball-room dancing.

Kokmuiža manor consists of  manor house, stable premises, building of the manor's administrator, both barns, and the brewery basement.

One of the barns, which is a library and a sports centre nowadays, features a floorball exposition – hall of fame, which is located in the vault hall in the basement. Here you can see cups, medals, sports uniforms, pennants, publications, and photos.

In the stalls of the manor-house the travellers can try telling the time by using the first spherical sundial in Latvia.


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