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Miniature Wonderland

Let’s have fun at the Miniature Wonderland in Sigulda! You will learn about technology and craftsmanship behind the scenes and explore technologies that are required to build and run model railway exhibition. The presentation of landscapes and locations is very thorough and allows one to explore cars, trains, miniature figurines and various buildings. Attention to the smallest detail combined with latest technology creates a feeling that can be compared to the one people experience while enjoying paragliding.

Centre also offers hands on experience in workshop area. Building your own 3D model of the miniature world is an eye opening experience – building roads, fields, trees, bushes, houses, rivers and lakes is fun! Upon departure we will pack your 3D models to take home with you - for further inspiration of your dreams and imagination.


Individual visitors are welcome each Saturday and Sunday from 12.00 – 18.00, special 2h program starts promptly at 15.00
For group bookings (20 – 50 people) please contact us and we will be glad to welcome you at any time. Contact information: e-mail: mazabrinumzeme@gmail.com, phone: (+371) 28308377.

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