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Cīrulīši nature trails

This exciting Cīrulīši Nature Trail will introduce you to the evolution of the beautiful Gauja River valley from ice age to nowadays!

The Cīrulīši nature trails at Cēsis reveal the history of the Gauja River and its surrounding nature. What are the origins of the river? What kind of plants used to grow here? Who were the first inhabitants? Satisfy your curiosity on a leisurely stroll through this fabled place admired by people from all around the world.

The Gauja River with its swift and changing flow reflects the characteristics of the local people — spite, strength and raw beauty. The river is mentioned in countless folk songs and tales. The word has it that the Devil himself detested the river, yet its unyielding nature allowed it overcome the obstacles set by the Devil and eventually reach the sea.

The Cīrulīši Nature trails along the Gauja River captivate with their unusual relief and the diversity of nature. Here you can see many interesting nature objects.

Cīrulīšu Cave seems to lead to the very pit of the earth. Whereas Līgavas (Bride’s) Cave, or Sarkanā (Red) Cave, witnessed true love when a young man hid his bride in this very cave during the Livonian War.

An interesting natural formation is the Gauja oxbow lake which is a meander of the river that has been cut off from the main stream over the years. Spoguļu (Mirror) Cliffs, or Cīrulīšu Cliffs, which beautifully reflect in the water of the oxbow lake, are a truly magnificent sight.

Right next to Spoguļu Cliffs you can taste the water of Dzidravots Spring, which oozes out right from the cliffs and has been renowned for hundreds of years for being exceptionally clear and tasty.

On your walk you will see various tree species in different types of forests and an astounding natural phenomenon — a spruce and a pine intertwined into a single tree! You will also see the fascinating homes of beavers and ants along the way. Here you will walk in step with pure and untouched nature!

The Gaujaslīči Section of the Cīrulīši Nature Trails, winding through the small streets and paths along the River Gauja, will allow you to get acquainted with the natural heritage, habitats, plant species included in the Red Book of Latvia (endangered species), wooden architecture and cultural landscape.

Enjoy the splendour of all four seasons on the banks of the River Gauja!


The route maps:

Cīrulīši Nature Trails HERE

The Gaujaslīči Section of the Cīrulīši Nature Trails HERE

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