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Enter Loodusesse

Gutman's Cave
Gutman's Cave is the largest cave in the Baltics is shrouded in legends and permeated with ancient energy.
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Ērgļu Cliffs
Ērgļu (Eagle) Cliffs embody the freedom and thrill of an eagle’s flight, when feelings are as powerful as organ music!
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Zvārtes Rock and its vicinity
The mystical Zvārtes rock and its beautiful surroundings will reveal ancient stories and the secrets of the plant kingdom!
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Gauja National Park Nature Centre
An indoor exhibition of the Centre shall offer free exposure and lessons on the natural values of the national park, sandstone rock outcrops and Gauja to every child and adult of pre-school, primary school, primary school, secondary school age in groups or individually.
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Lielā Ellīte Cave and Spring in Liepa
Lielā Ellīte Cave with its massive arches has been created over thousands of years by a spring, visit this ancient holy place and taste the water of the spring!
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Steep banks of Gauja
Curve of River Gauja opposite of Jānis Daliņš' stadium, where in an 80 m long section on the right bank of the river sand outcrops up to 10 m high (result of the erosion due to the rapid) are seen.
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Sightseeing terrace by the river Gauja
The sightseeing terrace by the river Gauja in Valmiera is a place for organazing private and public events, a place for ideas, a place, where to meet and spend time together.
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Karlamuiza's landscape park trail
Karlamuiza's landscape park trail winds through an old park, which leads to one of the largest sandstone outcrops in Latvia – the Ainavu precipice.
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Sietiņiezis Rock
Sietiņiezis Rock reveals sandstone formations and ornaments, which have formed over millions of years of natural processes!
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Cecīļu Nature Trail
Cecīļi Nature Trail is a walking route for tourists, where you can get to know Amata County nature objects along the banks of Kumada and Dančupīte Rivers.
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