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Ērgļu Cliffs

Ērgļu (Eagle) Cliffs embody the freedom and thrill of an eagle’s flight, when feelings are as powerful as organ music!

Ērgļu (Eagle) Cliffs were named after the noble bird only in the last century. For a long time they were called Ērģeļu (Organ) Cliffs, as an ancient legend had it that sounds echoing from the cliffs were as loud as organ music.

Both of these names, as well as the beautiful sandstone cliffs themselves, exude majesty. The Ērgļu Cliffs surprise with their length and grandeur.

At the bottom of the cliffs lies a lovely white sand beach, which offers an impressive view to the cliffs.

They look even higher and more impressive from the river; for this reason you should include the cliffs in your boating route through the Gauja National Park.

Spread out your arms like wings and experience the thrill of flying on the observation deck, which offers a wide view to the picturesque curves of the Gauja River.

An ancient legend explains why the Gauja River has so many interesting and beautiful curves — it was chasing a fox that had been drinking from Lake Alūksnes. The fox was running zigzag across the plains to escape the river, but the Gauja would not give up so easily. Hence the river is like a ribbon winding through the thick green forests and creating beautiful natural scenery.

On the Cliffs walking trails you will learn more about the beautiful Gauja River abound in ancient stories, as well as the interesting plants and birds found here.

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