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Blue hill (Zilaiskalns)

The legendary mound ZIlaiskalns, which is overgrown with trees and which is covered blue and white anemones in spring, was a significant holy place for the ancient Latgalians.

Mound Zilaiskalns is 66 m high and is among the most famous ancient cult sites. At the top of the mound there is the Sacrifice stone with a pot-like depression.

Locals had gathered for various festivities to perform ancient rites on the mound Zilaiskalns. People threw donations in the holy spring, and burned aromatic plants on the Sacrifice stone. At midsummer solstice they brought presents to the holy place – men had brought leather bags with beer inside, while women had carried various tasty foods to the place.

According to legends Mound Zilaiskalns was a place where the witches met. People tell that this is also the place where the ancient Latvian hero Imanta was buried. Although evidence has not been found, the legends have inspired writers to include this in their stories and novels.

The soothsayers are of the opinion that the place reveals strong energy, because four fire underground water streams cross under the mound. People, who respect Latvian traditions, come to the mound during summer solstice, and other traditional festivities.

According to legends many soothsayers and charmers had lived in the vicinity of the mound. In the 20th century the healer Marta of Zilaiskalns, in her real name called Marta Rācene, was very popular. Many people wished to meet the healer, they were even queueing at her house.

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