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Sightseeing terrace by the river Gauja

The sightseeing terrace by the river Gauja in Valmiera is a place for organazing private and public events, a place for ideas, a place, where to meet and spend time together.

It’s a place, where both the old and young can create and take action, a place, where we live green! The sightseeing terrace is a public object, open to be used by any local  or the guests of the city.

The walker trail and the sightseeing terrace in the Leisure park in Valmiera are made in accordance to universal design principles, that require a convenient access to the river Gauja and a leisure infrastructure, especially emphasizing on the needs of people in wheelchairs, mothers with kids in prams – people with limited access to nature. The renovated road, which leads to the sightseeing terrace, is fitted with metal railings for the convenience of people with movement disabilites. The flow of the visitors into the object is beeing directed through the built constructions, that way at the same time contributing to the preservation of nature and biological diversity. 

The gravel road for pedestrians branches out of the tarmac park road and continues on a wooden cover, organically changing into the sigtseeing terrace by the river. At the front of the terrace, closer to the river Gauja, there is a bench, which affected by the change of the salient, grows out of the wooden cover trail. Meanwhile at the back of the terrace is a sitting place, that transforms itself step by step from a bench into a settee. The terrace is placed above the ground, since part of the territory has a possibility of flooding.

The sightseeing terrace and part of the walking trail are made from people-friendly and sustainable pine tree constructions, that are made from Siberian larch tree planks – very durable in the Latvian climate. The larch tree planks have built-in anti-slip mouldings for the purpose of using the surface in wet weather conditions. In order to preserve the wooden elements they’ve been treated with a double layer of linseed oil. 

For the purpose of preserving the wooden construction and it’s safety, surveillance cameras will be installed in the territory.

The construction of the walkers trail and the terrace was carried out in accordance to the project designed by SIA “DJA”. The supervising architect is Didzis Jaunzems – one of the most talented architects of the new generation, receiver of multiple prizes at the Latvian annual architecture awards.

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