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Lielā Ellīte Cave and Spring in Liepa

Lielā Ellīte Cave with its massive arches has been created over thousands of years by a spring, visit this ancient holy place and taste the water of the spring!

It is no longer possible to enter the 23 m long Lielā Ellīte Cave, since the portal has collapsed. However, next to the cave there is a unique arcade made of three arches.

The extraordinary Ellīte Cave system was created roughly seven thousand years ago by a powerful brooklet coming out of a spring, the waters of which can be tasted.

Since many centuries Lielā Ellīte Cave has been a significant holy place. People used to believe in the healing properties of the spring.

There are inscriptions on the external wall of the cave, the eldest even dating back to 1500 and proving the cave was a popular sightseeing object since long ago.

Lielā Ellīte Cave of Liepa is myth-enshrouded. One of them tells the devil had hid in the cave and none of the prayers by priests could make him leave it. However, once there came a priest who was free of sins and the devil had to rush away.

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