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Cēsis Castle Park

The most magnificent Cēsis Castle Park is a romantic leisure place created a long time ago by count Carl Gustav von Sievers.

Built in the 19th century by the owner of Cēsis Castle Manor Carl Gustav von Sievers, the Cēsis Castle Park with its imposing travertine steps, artificial pond, boat pier, and romantic gazebos makes for a picturesque leisure place all year round.

Here you can retrace the footsteps of the once prominent Sievers family, which owned several real estates around Cēsis and elsewhere in Latvia.

The castle ruins built during the rule of the Livonian Order (14th–16th century), Riekstu Castle Mound, where the first inhabitants of Cēsis — the vends — once lived (11th–13th century), the Byzantine style Transfiguration of Christ Orthodox Church of Cēsis and the old brewery can all be found in the park.

Count Sievers built the park for his family, naming many parts of it after his family members. For instance, Mindoras Hill carries the name of his eldest daughter, while Kārļa Hill near the pond was named after himself. At this place the count’s son later erected his father’s bust in bronze in honour of his efforts to improve the surrounding environment.

In summers the Cēsis Castle Park is filled with music of the many concerts that take place on the outdoor stage. In the warm season you can enjoy a boat ride on the pond on board Kārlis and watch the white swans and ducks living in it.

The Castle Park park is exceptionally picturesque in wintertime when you can enjoy various winter activities here — sled down the hill slopes or ice-skate on the pond at the bottom of them — all while surrounded by the snowy fairytale.

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