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Līgatne cellar caves and cliffs

Go on an exciting walk through the Līgatne cellar caves and cliffs hand-carved by the ancient inhabitants!

Līgatne cellar caves and cliffs offer a unique opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of an explorer to find out how more than 300 artificial caves, which surprise with their shape and labyrinths, were created.

The sandstone cliff rocks that glisten golden, reddish and grey in the sunlight formed from sand and clay sediments accumulated by flowing water. Over the time they settled and compressed, forming these majestic and robust cliffs!

Roaming the caves and pressing your palms against the sandy walls, you can imagine how the ancient people bustled in this underground labyrinth.

This unusual place has been a saviour of many generations as it provided a storage space for the necessary provisions. The unchanging temperature in the Līgatne cellar caves makes them fit for food and beverage storage.

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