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Ānfabrika rocks

Located in town Līgatne, slope of Mound Rīgaskalns, which is the slope on the left bank of River Līgatne.

Dark basement-cave mouths are visible at the feet of the ca. 17 m high reddish sandstone outcrop; the caves are no longer used for their initial purpose – storage of vegetables and personal belongings. The former Līgatne mill sluice is located at the cliff, and over the sluice a modern fish ladder was recently erected – a place to watch salmon-like fish migration. Up until nowadays there is a sluice system still preserved that had the task to supply water to Ānfabrika (Handfabrik). Steep wooden stairs lead to the top of the cliffs offering a great view over the vicinity. Section from Ānfabrika cliffs till Lustūzis is a good place to watch salmon-like fish spawning.


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