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Gūtmaņa Cave

For more than hundred years the Gūtmaņala Cave has been a popular sightseeing object.

It is the largest cave in Latvia in terms of width (12 m), heigh (up to 10 m), and one of the largest in terms of volume. It might rather be called a cave-like gallery, since unlike other of its dimensions the length of it reaches only 18.8 m. The cave is not only a geological monument, but is also of heritage value and myth-enshrouded (most popular – of the Rose of Turaida). Its ancient inscriptions on the walls and ceiling (eldest of which dating back to the 17th century) are undervalued. A spring comes out of the cave, and it continues to shape the cave also nowadays. Gūtmaņala spring is said to be healing. On the other side of the road there is a parking lot near Gūtmaņala Cave and one of the visitor's centres of Gauja National Park.


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