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Vējiņi underground lakes

Vējiņi underground lakes are the only underground lakes in Latvia and they surprise with their beautiful caves and icy water!

Underground springs on the banks of the beautiful Brasla River have carved large cavities and caves. Here you can see Ezerala (Lake) Cave with two underground lakes and the mysterious Upes (River) Cave. Vējiņi underground lakes will give you a pleasant sense of thrill. This underground realm, so reminiscent of the might and power of nature, is truly unusual!

Ezerala Cave is a unique cave system with an underground spring and two beautiful underground lakes filled with clear water. The ceiling over the spectacular lakes is merely 6 m thick and is made of Quaternary period and sandstone sediments.

Clear water reserves are also found in Upes Cave. Several lively springs flow through the cave. As they come from deep in the ground, the water is ice cold! It is incredible how much power these springs hide in themselves!

The water seems to have absorbed the coolness of the deepest layers of earth, and brings it up for everyone to enjoy. Scoop the water in your palms to feel how pleasantly cold it is.

There are large depressions in the ground all around the caves, which look like they might start expanding any moment now. These are sinkholes, which have formed due to suffosion and add a dose of mystery to the landscape.



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