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Vizuļu Rock

Experience the dual nature of Vizuļu Rock — the warmth of the reddish sandstone and the coolness of the clear springs!

People say that Vizuļu (Glitter) Rock got its name from the tiny springs that freeze in winters, creating a beautifully glittering wall of ice. The contrast between the heavy ice and the delicate play of light on it is truly beautiful.

People also say that over the years Vizuļu Rock has accumulated the warmth of sun, concealing it inside itself.

Vizuļu Rock in shades of red and grey lies on the left bank of the Amata River and is best viewed from the opposite bank. It offers a wonderful view to the massive sandstone and dolomite wall, protected by the flowing water. In early spring the dolomite rocks are full of life and movement — the springs falling from the cliffs exude the energy of primeval nature!

The top part of the cliff consists of fissured dolomite of the Pļaviņu series that looks like the walls of an ancient castle. Vizuļu Rock is a marvellous place, where you can draw inspiration and feel the essence of nature!

Vizuļu Rock can be seen while hiking on the Amata Geological Trail, which will introduce you to many beautiful rocks.

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