Dikļi Palace

Dikļi Palace is a great place for history lovers to take a walk in a tranquil atmosphere, enjoy art and wonderful meals in the homely comfort of an aristocratic manor. In turn, art lovers will be delighted by the palace’s valuable collection of paintings and fireplaces. In the widely praised palace restaurant, you can treat yourself to a fine Vidzeme culinary adventure. In turn, the energy of Dikļu Palace’s Nature SPA will revitalize bodies and spirits tired by the pace of everyday life. The mysterious detachment of Dikļu Palace and its beautiful natural surroundings make this a great place to relax and celebrate life’s events with exquisite flavour.

In the authentic interior of the manor, as you step across the softly creaking floor, you’ll hear the echoing footsteps of the affable lord of the manor. The unruffled babbling of the water in the estate pond will fill you with the peace wrought by an idyllic landscape, accompanied by the gentle music of nature, to be enjoyed at any hour of the day or night. And the rustle of the park’s mature trees will remind you of the old days when it seemed that even the birds sang more beautifully.


Accommodation in design rooms

The refined four-star superior hotel rooms will be a dream, not only falling asleep, but also during waking hours, inducing you to enjoy the leisure of the nobility as created by ornate furniture from centuries gone by, stoves radiating welcoming warmth.

Gourmand restaurant

A refined menu will introduce visitors to the gourmands’ restaurant to new horizons of flavour – game provided by the landlord and fish caught by the chef, prepared in contemporary style, preserving the excellence of the food in accordance with the most exacting standards of the nobility. The chef’s somewhat surprising, but highly nuanced and delicious flavour combinations will take you on an endless journey of flavours from the world of cuisine.


The cures and baths in the Nature SPA will relax weary flesh and invigorate the tired spirit, allowing one’s body to once again glow with the joy of life. The grasses used in the treatments are picked in local meadows and gardens and induce exquisite feelings, allowing you to enjoy the healing touch of nature to the full.

Collection of Paintings

The peace and quiet of the Dikļu Palace’s indoor premises will allow you to enjoy unhurried and elegantly undisturbed moments of art, gazing at the most extensive collection of paintings by artists from Latvia’s awakening period, which the palace’s landlords have integrated into the interior of the palace.

Collection of Historical Fireplaces and Stoves

Dikļu Palace is home to the most unique and eclectic collection of late 19th century and early 20th century fireplaces and stoves in Latvia. During damp autumns and cold winters, they create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which guests can enjoy, basking in the glow of the flickering fire, whilst sipping a glass of wine.

Other services

Excursions around the palace| Horse Carriage and Sleigh Rides | Boat trips across the palace pond | Bicycle hire | Nordic walking | A billiards table in the lobby bar | Children’s playground | Chef’s masterclasses | Jacuzzi in luxury rooms | Palace halls and park for wedding ceremonies | Hire of an antique Rolls Royce limousine | Free WiFi |Free private car park.

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