Krimulda Manor

Krimulda’s classicism-style manor delights visitors with the wonderful scenery of the primordial Gauja river valley and the local winery from whose barrels flows the sweet nectar of life. The charming detachment of the manor allows you to enjoy the attractions of "Vidzeme’s Switzerland" in a tranquil environment, which once preoccupied the carefree lives of noble. Landscaped paths guide leisurely travellers on a healthy walk alongside sandstone cliffs and picturesque scenery.

The rustle of the forest will be complemented by the sound boats wending their way through the gently flowing water of the Gauja river valley. The cable car will whine temperamentally, while pegs are banged into barrel holes in the wine cellar. Up above, the birds will be all of a flutter as their flight carries them within range of the delicacies in the manor greenhouse.



You can spend warm summer nights in the unique wooden houses, falling asleep to the sound of chirping grasshoppers and the babbling of a fountain, and basking in the morning sun on a historical sunbathing porch. Visitors can also enjoy warmer accommodation in the main manor house.

Winery. Tastings

The hospitable manor winemaker will introduce you to the world of homemade wine, knowledgeably explaining how ripe berries are transformed into eclectically flavoured beverages, in so doing revealing a treasure trove of secrets from the manor’s history.

Panoramic Views of the Ancient River Valley

The manor offers a picturesque and nigh on bird’s eye view of the glorious Gauja river valley, allowing one to appreciate the landscape once enjoyed by the lords of the manor, enjoying morning tea and fine toast on a welcoming balcony.

Cable Car Rides

The only cable car in Latvia, which connects both shores of the Gauja, provides a unique opportunity to enjoy an all-encompassing view of the winding bends of the river and endless tree tops.

Health Treatments

The rehabilitation centre at Krimulda Manor is the ideal place to regain one’s strength and vitality in those periods of life when you require long-term rest in an atmosphere of peace and quiet, in the presence of sincere and skilful specialists.

Walking Trails

The walking trails created by Prince Liven’s family were arranged so that visitors to Krimulda could savour the peace of slow walks and invigoration from the abundance of nature and the tranquillity that resonates throughout the vicinity around Krimulda Manor.


Other Services

Premises for events and seminars | Sauna. Café | WiFi | Nordic walking | Picnic spots | Free car park | Close to public transport | Access by cable car



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