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Skiing Track Reinis

"Reiņa Trail" offers exciting leisure time in a spacious recreation centre that houses a variety of ski trails and children's ski park "Herkuless".

Recreation centre "Reiņa Trail" is a popular place to enjoy winter sports and recreational facilities. It is the place where you can find one of the oldest ski trails in Latvia!

Experienced skiers prefer the high mountain of "Reiņa Trail", skiing down on which you can move at a high speed and feel a pleasant fresh wind. Those who are still learning to ski choose the small slope, which is flatter and suitable for both adults and children. Small skiers will be excited about assaying strength at the children's ski park "Hercules" with its funny animal figures and a small tubing track.

The recreation centre also offers an illuminated cross-country ski trail, where you can meet cross-country skiers from all over Latvia! For those who prefer more peaceful activities, there is a tubing track equipped with a convenient ski lift.

When you feel tired, you can restore strength in the cafe "Reiņa Cafe”, while enjoying warm drinks and delicious healthy dishes!


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