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Training in AdventureRide stable and horseback riding

You can attend training led by a professional trainer and go on a couple-hour-long horseback ride through the trails in the woods.

AdventureRide stables provide training both for beginners and experienced riders who want to improve their skills. You can choose 1-4 hour long training in riding, dressage or horseback jumping led by a professional trainer.

Moreover the visitors of the stable can go on a couple-hour-long horseback rides through the beautiful pine woods of Ādaži that lie near the Gauja National Park.

These protected natural habitats have been included in the Natura2000 list. It protects these habitats from undesirable economic activities and helps to conserve natural assets. Near the Ādaži forest lakes and their islands you can see rare species of plants.

AdventureRide offers you to go on horseback rides for duration of several days and is ready to prepare personalised routes for each customer to discover the hidden natural gems.


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