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Enter Vaba aja aktiivsesse veetmisesse

Leisure park "Rāmkalni"
"Rāmkalni" is a leisure park, which offers energetic and exciting open - air activities!
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Laser tag battles in Poligon
Laser tag is a military combat, which can be played by men, women and children.
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Minotaur - Labyrinth
Nowadays the theme of labyrinths has become especially popular. And as an entertainment we offer you the largest labyrinth in Latvia called “MINOTAUR – LABYRINTH”, which is located in Sigulda.
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Rāmkalni boating routes
Choose the excellent Rāmkalni boating routes to enjoy the gentle river stream and the amazing natural sights!
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Reality game "Object X"
Complete a secret mission in the secret Soviet bunker rich in history, which you will find at a depth of nine metres underground in Līgatne.
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Valmiera Swimming pool
Visitors at the Valmiera Swimming pool can relax in pools of various sizes, as well as relax in the water recreation area and saunas.
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Adventures with SUPs through the river Gauja (IV-X)
Public benefit society - for lovers of active recreation, Valmiera rowing club "Straume" offers the chance to rent SUP boards and take a leisurely journey through the main street of Valmiera - Gauja.
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Valmiera kesklinnale väga lähedal asub spordi- ja aktiivse puhkuse park Mežs, kus saavad nautida aktiivset ja turvalist puhkust igas vanuses inimesed.
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Team building at Ziedlejas
Teambuilding – at Ziedlejas, they offer professionally organized teambuilding activities for various kind of collectives – from elementary school children to high grade business and institution executives.
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