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Minotaur - Labyrinth

Nowadays the theme of labyrinths has become especially popular. And as an entertainment we offer you the largest labyrinth in Latvia called “MINOTAUR – LABYRINTH”, which is located in Sigulda.

The area of the labyrinth is more than 1000m2, and the length of the route and the length of the route, along which you have to go is ~714 m. The labyrinth has not only a self-explanatory name, determined by the number of turns in it, but also an intricate structure. Thus, the road from the labyrinth is only one, but moving down it is a real intellectual challenge as it is very easy to get lost in the labyrinth.

You have to choose one of many moves, complete the labyrinth and find a way out, rely on your intuition and then you can avoid getting into a dead end. But that's not all, during the passage of "Minotaur-Labyrinth" you will have a special task for wich you will need to find checkpoints and mark then on your map, which you will get at the entrance. If the task is completed succesfully, you will receive a diploma.

Be attentive during the passage of the labyrinth, explore, remember and then the prize will get you. decision for you, but also to have fun in a friendly company. The passage of Labyrinth will help to test your logical abilities, terrain orietation, moral restraint and cope with phobias of enclosed space, if any. 


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