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Reality game "Object X"

Complete a secret mission in the secret Soviet bunker rich in history, which you will find at a depth of nine metres underground in Līgatne.

Participants of the reality game "Object X" have a chance to try themselves in the role of undercover agents who have to complete a special mission – to save the country from disaster. The game takes place in an exciting and authentic environment – the secret Soviet bunker in Līgatne that is sutiated at a depth of nine metres underground.

Th bunker surprises with its spaciousness and interesting Soviet attributes.

Each of the players receives the necessary equipment and instructions before the start of the game – "information from the secret service" – which explains what needs to be done during the game. Afterwards, the intriguing game starts in the numerous secret rooms of the bunker – the players get excited, and each agent is trying to show his best skills. When the mission is completed, the players enjoy the victory!

It is required to apply for participation in the game in advance!

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