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Adventures with SUPs through the river Gauja (IV-X)

Public benefit society - for lovers of active recreation, Valmiera rowing club "Straume" offers the chance to rent SUP boards and take a leisurely journey through the main street of Valmiera - Gauja.

The full SUP set is available, which includes:

  • a SUP board,
  • oars,
  • safety vests.

The whole set is available for take-away rent, for example, for a ride on a lake - in such cases the whole set is packaged in a handy bag. Additionally an air pump is included.

The required instruction and, if necessary, also training is provided. The service can be provided in Latvian, English or Russian.

When renting equipment for on-site use, two-way route is pre-planned: "Krācītes - The Gauja Steep banks" and "Krācītes - Iron bridge".

On weekends rides via the route "Daliņu beach - Iron bridge" will be organised, as well as gymnastic workouts on SUP boards.

Pre-registration by phone is required: +371 28397528 or via e-mail: krissozols@inbox.lv.

All funds raised will be used for equipment purchases for the rowing club “Straume” and the members of Valmiera Children's Sports School Rowing slalom interest education group, as well as for competition and other public benefit project entrance fees.

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