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Boating on the Amata River

The Amata River invites you for a unique and fast water adventure, which guarantees a variety of breathtaking natural sights and interesting objects to explore!

In ancient Livonian, the river’s name means “swift”. The river fully lives up to its name, as in spring it is the fastest river in Latvia with the most rapids.

While boating on the river, you will see magnificent landscapes with sandstone outcrops, which have formed over millions of years, and the mighty Zvārtes Rock shrouded in legends.

In spring, the water bubbles wildly and excitedly, heralding the arrival of warm weather. The river will bring true pleasure to experienced boaters, who are looking for sensations characteristic of mountain rivers.

Boaters must be skilled enough to tackle rapids that form during floods. Less experienced but still skilled boaters can try a more suitable type of transportation — an inflatable boat.

The Amata River is fit for boating in early spring, usually in the beginning of April, because after the spring floods the water level falls rapidly and the river flows low between the many riverbed stones.

Then, a great alternative for boating is the exciting Amata Geological Trail, from which you can see all the unique and diverse sandstone outcrops.

The most beautiful section of the river is from Melturi bridge on the Vidzeme motorway to Amata tourist accommodation by Veclauči bridge on Kārļi–Līgatne road*.


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