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Līgatne Winery

Līgatne Winery is always full of bustle – it is the place where aromatic wines saturated with wonderful flavours are produced from delicious natural products gathered in Latvia.

The cozy winery lives a melodic life. Wonderful wines made from locally sourced fruits and berries are rhythmically bubbling and fermenting in the cool cellars.

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, red currants, black currants, gooseberries, cloudberries growing in marshes and even juicy rowan berries are turning there in sophisticated drinks. Besides that, also plums, pears and rhubarbs are used in production of delicious wines.

Large barrels are monitored by particularly knowledgeable winemakers in order to capture the right moment of their readiness. Everything is important – taste, smell and colour! When the wine is ready, it is poured into ершт glass bottles and continues to be stored in the cool cellars.

Numerous flavoгrs intermingle together, filling the winery rooms with a bitter sweet scent that invites you to taste every drink. In the winery, you can taste and buy berry and fruit wines, as well as purchase a variety of liqueurs, applejack, berry vinegar, herbal teas and jams.


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