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Bīriņu Castle Restaurant

The popular Bīriņu castle restaurant is located in a splendid castle on a lake shore surrounded by parks and offers to enjoy excellent contemporary tastes of the Latvian cuisine.

The Bīriņu castle, built in the middle of the 19th century, is located on a small hill. It offers a fascinating view of the Regular castle park with a pergola by the lake.

In warm months, the peaceful lake is adorned with white water lilies, reflection of pink evening clouds and swan couples.

The restaurant is located in a vaulted hall in the basement of the old castle. Red brick walls are illuminated by the gentle sunlight, which unobtrusively slips through the two side windows and fills the room with warmth.

Menu of the Bīriņu castle restaurant offers dishes prepared from biological materials, unusual local game, home-made ice cream, as well as the most delicious Latvian traditional dessert – rye-bread parfait.

You will have an opportunity to try the restaurant hand-made chocolates, which are a homage to the former ladies living in the castle. Delicious sweets can also be purchased as take-away.


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