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Restaurant week calendar

A Restaurant week in Gauja region is a good chance to try different restaurants and their offers for a friendly price - only 20 euro for a 3 meal course. Check out the calendar and don't miss it!

The offer is specially designed for the restaurant week - it is seasonal, with selected ingredients and drinks that go well with the meal. It's a week when the restaurant chefs do their best and prepare meals that surprise with special tastes and experience that makes you want to return sooner. That offer for the restaurant week price is something you do not want to miss.

Q: What is a "Gauja region restaurant week"? 

A: It's a week when participating restaurants offer 3 gourmant autumn meals for  only 20 euro. Each city of Gauja region - Valmiera, Cēsis and Sigulda has a different time of the restaurant week.

Gauja region restaurant week calendar

Valmiera: 12.-19.october

Cēsis 21.-27.october

Sigulda 11.-17. november

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Select the restaurants you want to visit, reserve your table and enjoy one of the best meal deal of your life! 


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