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Valmiera Restaurant week – unforgettable tastes of autumn

Autumn is a special time, that thickens the brightness of summer into warm yellowish pumpkins, penny buns, whose hats are like slices of sweet and sour bread in clouds of juniper berries. It invites to both soak in the light of the sun and prepare for the winter by relaxing the feet in warm socks as well as storing the vitamins of summer. We invite you to enjoy the richness and tastes of autumn during the Valmiera Restaurant week, from October 12th until 19th.
The restaurants from the city of Valmiera, the counties of Burtnieki and Kocēni will invite to enjoy the tastes, characteristic to autumn, in an unusual rendition. Elferberry brulee cream, apple-beet topping, spruce resin ice cream, acorn coffee jelly, cowberry mayo, celery-quince puree, chicory milk foam, malt chocolate cake, smoked duck breast, buckwheat popcorn and other various treats. The three course meal (price: 20 EUR) will be offered to the guests by five restaurants from Valmiera, Burtnieki and Kocēni:
Restaurant “Rātes Vārti”
Restaurant “Vecpuisis”;
Restaurant “Agnese”;
Valmiermuiža beer kitchen;
Dikļi palace restaurant.
In order to experience these special restaurant offers, in advance table reservations from guests are required.
The menus are available at www.visit.valmiera.lv, as well as the homepages of the restaurants.
See you at the Valmiera Restaurant week!
Information prepared by:
Zane Krūmiņa
Head of Tourism projects
at the Valmiera Tourism information centre
Mob. no.: 25437177

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