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Dikļu Castle Music Festival

Dikļu castle music festival brings together the best Latvian musicians that fill the park with melodious songs and charming atmosphere.

Once a year in the wonderful nature park of the Dikļu castle, a music festival takes place, with participation of musicians from all over Latvia. The festival takes place in the park of the old Dikļu castle inviting everyone to enjoy the music and glorious ambience.

The ancient park grants music a special sound, which visitors can enjoy laying in hammocks of the castle or on plaid taken along.

The melodious event is characterized by calm and contemplative mood that encourages to free from the daily rush and urban hustle and to join the live music and the glorious beauty of the environment.

The festival visitors can not only enjoy great music sounds, but also go for a leisurely walk along the natural park trails, work in an open-air painting studio, or indulge in tasteful dishes offered in the castle restaurant.

Information about the festival time is published on the website www.diklupils.lv.



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