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Āraišu ezerpils Archaeological park

There is unique object in the park - reconstructed ancient settlement from 9th-10th centuries on the lake. Reconstruction is made based on results of archaeological excavation in the Āraiši lake island. The Park also have medieval castle ruins, reconstrucitons of dwellings from Stone and Bronze Ages.
Āraišu ezerpils Archaeological park can be visited both individually and in groups. It is possible to go on a guided tour, experience educational programmes classes and other special programs. There are entertaining, traditional and popular scientific events and craft demonstrations.
In the complex: Parking, picnic areas, swing, coffee, WC, bicycle pump and a map with surrounding bicycle routes.
Offers: Guided excursions about the lifestyle of ancient Latgallians and building traditions. Visitor center. Activities for weddings. 
The Āraiši windmill and the church can be seen nearby (find out more here) .


Adults 3,00 EUR
Students, pensioners  – 2,00 EUR
Family ticket (1-2 adults and 1-2 youth (7-18 years)) – 5,00 EUR
Children up to 7 years – Free
Languages of communication: Latvian, Russian, English.

About Āraiši lake fortress Archaelogical Park

Āraiši lake fortress Archaeological Park is a place where it is possible to get to know the history from the Stone Age to the end of the Middle Ages.
The most unusual object in it is Āraiši lake fortress - a fortified place of residence of the ancient Latgallians on the lake island in the Iron Age. Only 10 such settlements are known in Latvia and Āraiši lake fortress is the only reconstruction. The Lake Castrle researcher archaeologist Jānis Apals has pointed out that the evidence obtained during the excavations was so unusually well preserved that it was absolutely necessary to try to build it again. Currently, all the houses planned on the island can be seen in the lake fortress , and since the summer of 2020, an important addition has been made - a protective building and a gate - which provide an opportunity to get the most authentic feelings during the visit.
Part of the former world of lake fortress residents can be seen in the Āraišu ezerpils Archaeological park Visitor Center. There is a special exposition in it, where you can see both rare and unique, as well as very common evidence of the lake castle. It is also worth getting acquainted with the fascinating story of life and lake fortress research by archaeologist Jānis Apals. 
About the first inhabitants of the territory of Latvia, centuries before the construction of the lake fortress, it is possible to find out on "Meitu Island", where Stone and Bronze Age buildings can be found. They have been made as ideal reconstructions according to the results of archeological research throughout Latvia.
Āraiši stone castle, built in the second half of the 14th century, was built several centuries after the lake fortress. It once served as a military and economic adjacent castle to Cēsis Castle.

Video surveillance is carried out in the area!

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