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Visit to the reconstruction of a 9-10th century settlement on the lake, medieval castle ruins and recreation of ancient dwelling houses from Stone and Bronze Ages. Guided tours about the lake settlement, lifestyle and building traditions of ancient Latgalians featuring the findings from ten archaeological research periods there, demonstrating household objects, tools and explaining their uses. Educational programmes for schools and youth groups. Activities for weddings.

Capacity: No limit.



Programmes for groups and guided excursions: up to 30 persons. If there is a bigger group then it is divided and the price is calculated accordingly.

Offer duration: all year.

Languages for communication: Latvian, Russian, English.


Grownups 2,00 EUR
Students – 1,00 EUR
Family ticket – 4,00 EUR
Children under 7 - Free entrance
Guided tour (1 hour)
Latvian language –  8,00 EUR
Other language – 16,00 EUR

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