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Guest house "Bucefāls"

Cosy guest house for peaceful relaxation.

Guest house "Bucefāls" is located in a beautiful log building, where wood, the traditional Latvian material and national treasure, creates a warm and cosy atmosphere.

The guest house was opened on the popular Līgo celebration, when Latvians sing lots of folk songs, the fire is crackling merrily, and meadow flowers fill the air with their sweet smell.

The mysterious and cosy atmosphere of this celebration still dwells at guest house "Bucefāls". After an adventurous day you can comfortably settle in your room for the night and watch as the colours of the sunset bleed into the surrounding scenery.

In the winter season, you can enjoy the scenery from the outdoor tub. It is heated with firewood that fills the air with the pleasant smell of wood and resin.

Right next to the guest house you will find pub "Bucefāls" where you can savour various unusual dishes.



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