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You will experience the dynamic rhythm of the city enjoying outdoor recreational activities, sports and cultural events, as well as viewing marvelous open-air landscapes, whereas historic buildings of the city will fill you up with ancient feelings.

Besides the outdoor recreation facilities, university campus life and hustle of the business world, this dinamic and modern city reveals thee wisdom of the cultural heritage and traditions, the charm and historical breath of ancient buildings and the stream of the Gauja River flowing in tune with the passage of time in nature.

The Gauja river has made an interesting horseshoe-like twist right in the city's heart. Numerous sporting events, cultural events and recreational opportunities make the traits of Valmiera's face more expressive and attractive.


Sports and Outdoor Recreational Activities

The city hosts exciting marathons, track-and-field events and cycling competitions. You can enjoy the Nordic walking or jogging in the Recreational Park (Atpūtas parks), as well as go in for sports in the stadium named after the legendary Olympian Jānis Daliņš. In winter, you have an opportunity to skate in Vidzeme Olympic Centre or to go horse riding arount the fabulous nature of the city.

The Gauja river and rowing track "Goat rapids" attract water fun lovers – you will find many boats kept in backyards of Valmiera's inhabitants as a charming evidence to this. The city can be viewed from the side of the Gauja river, taking a trip by the Gauja water tram. The month of May is traditionally dedicated to calling boaters together in order to open another tourism season in Valmiera with a carnival on the water "Boat March Abuls – Gauja".

Walking, walking – it is magical – go for it, enjoy it and return renewed! Areas for walking are very diverse in Valmiera! There are romantic places – in the park around Dzirnavu Lake, accomplished by a sun clock and fountain. There are places full of the feelings of nature – the paths along the steep shores of the Gauja river. There are places rich in ancient sensations that you can get visiting such historical and cultural attractions as the Livonian Order Castle Ruins, buildings of Valmiera Museum, St. Sīmanis' Church, and the oldest wooden building in the city – the Old Pharmacy.

During the stroll, visitors of the city have an opportunity to get some creative inspiration and new knowledge making stops in Valmiera Culture Centre,  Valmiera Museum, Valmiera Integrated Library, state gymnasium and thematic exhibitions in the Drama Theatre.

During the walk, guests can enjoy beautiful views of the rowing track "Goat Rapids", the old town area and the central bridge over the Gauja river that connects the city with the area embraced by legends – Valterkalniņš.

If you make a stop in the Herbal House of Valmiera Museum, you will discover many new plants and herbal teas. The mistress of the house will tell you about beneficial effects of plants on human health.


Valmiera is also a city of theatre, where you can have a look behind the scenes and go on a tour of Valmiera Drama Theatre, where it is also possible to view exhibitions and attend different shows.


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