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Whitsuntide in the Bīriņu Castle

Whitsuntide in the Bīriņu castle is a traditional celebration in the castle garden, where the concerts of popular songs and cheerful dancing take place.

Whitsuntide in the Bīriņu castle is an annual event that takes place on Whitsunday and brings together several thousand visitors every year.

Just like in the old days, Whitsuntide takes place on the occasion of the birth of the Christian church - on the 50th day after Easter every year.

The celebration is opened by the Service followed by an energetic concert of popular songs and open-air parties. Visitors dance in a large crowd and become united by the famous songs performed by the Latvian most popular groups.

The celebration takes place in the glorious Bīriņu Castle's garden. During Whitsuntide you can attend the craft fairs, outdoor cafes, attractions for children and adults, as well as go for a walk along the trails of the Bīriņu castle parks.


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