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Valmieras pilsētas pašvaldība

In 1913 the city received the park as a gift from 8 unmarried gentlemen. The pavilion which was built in 1914 underwent reconstruction in 2016 and a concert hall in it was created. Visitors are offered varied culture and leisure events, excursions in the concert hall are available.

The park was created by uniting two parks: one which was a gift to the city from Georgs Apinis, a doctor, City Mayor and Patron in one person, the second was the Public Park. The founders of the park were eight well known gentlemen, not married at that time, and their will was that after their deaths the park was to become the property of the city. As most of these gentlemen never married, the park was named the Bachelors’ Park. There was a pavilion type building in the park with a hall for activities.

The opening ceremony of the park was in 1914, and the celebration lasted for 2 days. After WW II the building was used as a culture centre and as a sports hall. There is a tale that the tower in which the orchestra was seated during the opening ceremony, was actually built to watch approaching of Halley’s comet. The founders of the park played an important role during the period of establishment of the new independent Latvian statehood. On 18 November, 1918, at the proclamation ceremony of the Latvian State, Kārlis Ulmanis made a statement that the delegation of Valmiera with Merchant Kampe and Dr. Ziediņš had brought the first material donation of 5000 roubles to the idea of the new state. In his turn, Dr. Apinis, hearing about the events in Riga, received a permit from the German authorities to organize a sports meeting in the pavilion hall of the Bachelors’ Park. His friends knew about the real intentions of Dr. Apinis and made copies of the song “God, Bless Latvia”( now the State anthem of Latvia). They also secretly made a maroon-white-maroon flag. Dr. Apinis informed the listeners about the significance of the moment, and so it was Valmiera where the national flag was raised for the first time and the people sang the anthem of the new state. In 1998, thanks to the initiative of some enterprising people, a new cafe “The Bachelors’ Park” was opened in the pavilion. A few years later the first bowling hall in Valmiera was opened here. Unfortunately, it was closed later. Today the Bachelors’ Park is a favourite relaxation and meeting place for many local people and visitors of Valmiera. The park gives a cosy nestle for the restaurant “Parks”, and the sounds of music lure passers by for a hearty meal.

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