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Krimulda Manor

Visit historic buildings, winery, Krimulda Manor Park, and get an introduction to the power of medical plants.

The majestic Krimulda manor house was built in the mid of the 19th century in the style of Neoclassicism. But in 1930 in front of the building a large wooden summer pavilion was erected, which is now turned into a hostel.

The terrace of the manor house and balcony offer a breath-taking view over the primeval valley of the River Gauja, and the cable car linking both banks of the river.

Outbuildings of the manor are made of boulders and proudly demonstrate rich decorative finishing. They make one clearly imagine the former life that was led here — neigh of horses in the stable, sounds of other domestic animals in the feed-lot, and the huge bundle of keys jingling in the hands of the castellan.

In the broad park of the manor there is a boarding house — the “Swiss House” —, along with Krimulda Castle ruins (13th-17th century) — the inception of Krimulda.

While heading on a tour together with the lady of the manor one will have the opportunity to find out more about the historic buildings, manor’s economic activities, and stories about people who once have lived here. The wine-maker Jānis will show you the winery. This is where Calvados and wine from berries is made and along with wine-maker’s exciting stories you will be given the opportunity to taste the great beverages.

There is a special tour around Krimulda Manor, which allows for studying the medical herbs — this will be done while walking along the trails criss-crossing the manor park and while tasting the various herbal teas in the manor house.




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