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Mālpils Manor

The magnificent Mālpils Manor is situated in a luxurious baroque-style park, where you can enjoy leisurely walks along the picturesque ponds and ancient oak alleys.

The architecture of the Mālpils manor is splendid and inspirational: the light facade of the building is adorned with wide white windows and ornate decorative elements.

The main entrance gladdens visitors with a well-groomed lawn, neatly paved paths and a fountain, which can be observed, sitting on one of the park benches.

Over the years, the Mālpils Manor has undergone many changes: it suffered pogroms in the revolution, after which it was successfully restored, and has been both state-owned and owner-managed. The manor house, which houses the magnificent manor hotel, is a national architectural monument.

After renovation of the Mālpils Manor, its ancient appearance rich in classical-style features was restored. The visitors of the manor can see old tile stoves and fireplaces, historic interior and luxury items, Latvian old masters' paintings, and antique furniture related to the classicism and Biedermeier styles.


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