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Veselava Manor

Veselava Manor House is among the twelve buildings within the once great manor complex including a park and a pond.

Veselava Manor, based on the land plots owned by Rauna Manor Estate, was established in 1602 by Pēteris Veselavskis, the elder of the community. The name of the manor and the whole parish has its roots from his surname, but the letter “k” has gone lost over the course of time.

The manor house of eclectic style was built in 1841. It was erected in the place where the former house, which burnt down, was once located — on a rather big, oval island to highlight it among other buildings and make it look similar to medieval castles. The island is enclosed by a ditch. The ditch is crossed via two boulder bridges with arches made of calcareous tufa, and they lead to the central yard of the manor.

A guide will show you the Veselava manor house, while the attic will reveal the unique heating system — the many smokestacks from the heating systems are merged in only three chimneys. And the chamber of ancient items and things will show you the former tools and domestic articles.

Veselava Manor accommodates its own ghost — the White Lady —  a young woman, who did not wish to marry the baron of the manor. It is said she comes out during great events and plays the piano, which she was good at while alive.



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