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Miniatures of the historical buildings at Vienkoči Park

The miniature copies of buildings at Vienkoči Park will reveal more about the history of the Līgatne paper mill and its surroundings.

You can see models of Nurmuiža and Paltmale manor at the Vienkoči Park. They let you know every detail of how these manors used to look. At the park you will also see miniatures of the first paper mill and paper production factory.

These models provide the opportunity to take a look at these buildings from birds-eye-view. You can take a close look at the roofing of the historical buildings.

At Vienkoči Park you can also see sculptures of ancient and endangered animals and masks from the traditional Latvian festivities "Budēļi” — all are carved from a single piece of wood.

Everything in the territory of Vienkoči Park is arranged so that the visitors could get to know more about history of woodworking and the making of the Vienkoči Park items in a comprehensive and exciting manner.

After taking a walk in the park you can relax in the historical pergola of Līgatne. The information stands there will show you how the locals spent their time in the 19th century, when the paper mill business was flourishing. The owners of the paper mill made sure the locals had a good time at the local cultural house, French garden and even a bowling alley.




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