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Memorial Museum of Eduards Veidenbaums “Kalāči”

The museum “Kalāči” will show you the settings in which Eduards Veidenbaums, one of the most popular Latvian poets, once lived and wrote.

The poet Eduards Veidenbaums (1867-1892) lived only for 24 years, yet his personality and more than 90 poems are a true value of the Latvian culture.

A guide will tell you fascinating stories about the life of Veidenbaums, and the exhibition allows gaining insight into his personal life.

The old oaks in the large garden were once planted by Veidenbaums’ father. Each oak was devoted to one family member, and nowadays two oaks are still present in the garden. There is also a monument by the sculptor Laimonis Blumbergs devoted to the poet.

The corner of the garden conceals a small log-building — a house with a high threshold, straw roof covered with moss, and a bolt to close the doors. This is poet’s beloved barn, where he loved to live during the warm season and where he has written most of his poems.

There is his bed, bookcase, and wringer, which he used as his writing desk. The largest exhibition of Vidzeme boxes (used to store domestic items and clothes) and domestic items from the 19th and 20th centuries are found where once the horse stable was located.

Should you wish to sit down and have a rest while watching the beautiful scenery, there is a picnic site with bonfire located in the birch growth; the landscape has once inspired the poet as well.



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