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Master of ancient jewelry

The jeweller will tell an attractive story about the secrets of making ancient jewellery, and will allow you to try some of the ancient jewellery on.

The jeweller Daumants Kalniņš has established an experimental archaeology workshop “Ancient Jewellery Smithy” in the historic and scenic Cēsis Medieval Castle. The jewellery and making of them will be shown and demonstrated by the master himself.

Daumants Kalniņš studies the Latgallian jewellery of Cēsis area from the 9th-13th century, since many archaeological monuments including the ancient jewellery and elements thereof have been found in the vicinity of Cēsis. Moreover, 9th-13th century was the time when the jewellery culture of local nations was the most exquisite and posh.

The smithy displays imitations of the ancient jewellery, and here you can learn from the master about the significance, making, and wearing traditions of bronze and silver jewellery. And you can even travel back in time by trying on some of the imitations of the ancient jewellery.

Participation in the making of jewellery or forging of Livonian coins is subject to prior announcement.



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