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Valmiera Museum

Go on an exciting journey through the history of the city of Valmiera, looking at the old buildings and things, as well as listening to interesting stories!

Valmiera Museum is located in eight buildings in the territory of Livonian Order castle ruins.

The buildings of the museum were built from the mid-18th century to the early 20th century, and together with the castle ruins and Valmiera St. Sīmanis Church it constitutes the historic centre of Valmiera.

Visiting the museum, you will go on a journey through the fascinating history of Valmiera, as well as feel and explore features of the various ages experienced by this beautiful city.

At the permanent exhibition of Valmiera Museum, you can see photographs, postcards, antiques found in archaeological excavations, goods produced by local undertakings at different times, works of art, as well as many other historical items.

Herbal House of Valmiera Museum.

Guides of Valmiera Museum know a lot of interesting and amazing facts and stories about the city, its eminent personalities and the surrounding nature. Listening to their narration, it is easy to conjure up ancient events in mind, and it seems like you have seen and experienced absolutely the same things.

Valmiera Museum's surroundings are full of fabulous landscapes. The nature is in accord with ancient buildings, which creates a special atmosphere that inspires with exciting fantasies and feelings about life in Valmiera many years ago.


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