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Seeking different tastes in Gauja National Park cities and villages: Valmiera - Bīriņi - Krimulda - Sigulda


► Visiting Valmiermuiža Manor and taking part in a craft brewery tour as well as tasting different beer samples

► Having lunch in Bīriņi Castle summer terrace or restaurant

► Tasting Latvian wines which are made of fruits, berries and flowers. Enjoying spectacular landscape of Gauja valley from the premises of Krimulda Manor

► Sightseeing of picturesque Sigulda city, Gūtmaņa cave and Gauja valley which reveals the ancient presence of nature


Price and availability: upon request

Excursion type: 1-day tour without accommodation

Transportation type: bus

Suitable time for travel: all seasons

Travel type: group from 20 persons

Difficulty level: easy


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